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Live Event Painting

Add something unique to your celebration with a live event artist. Take advantage of a local, formally trained artist to capture your event on canvas!

I set up my easel at your venue, watch your friends and family mingle, and paint throughout the event. I can also paint from your photographs after the event. Either provides you a one of a kind piece of art to display in your home for years to come.
Live on-site painting gives your guests an up-close and unforgettable perspective of art in progress. I have found that guests, especially children, love to take a look at the work in progress and are always fascinated by how quickly the painting evolves - it is truly a wonderful form of entertainment.


Special Offer for Wedding Planners: 20% off your first booking!
For more information or to order email or call 972-980-9890.
Marked Images Courtesy of Bella Pop Photography