Allie & Felipe’s Wedding

Last fall I traveled to San Antonio to paint Allie & Felipe’s wedding. Allie had her heart set on an outdoor wedding, but on the day of the event it was quite cold. They were able to have the ceremony outside, but the reception had to be moved inside. Allie really wanted the painting to be of the reception, but to have the greenery in the background. I was able to create that for her by painting in the background outside during the ceremony and the adding in the dancing guests during the the reception and later from pictures. She also brought pictures of her departed grandparents that she wanted me to include. They first went in as grey ghostly figures sitting on the bench, but they looked a bit creepy. In the final version they are less colorful and wearing 1940’s style clothing to differentiate them from the other guests. Allie and Felipe loved their painting so much they had me print it on custom thank you notes for them!

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